Monday, March 09, 2009

Dark Parables: studying the supernatural

All I dreamed was this statement being made to me: "Study and examine how the supernatural is being marketed."

After talking with my dream group, we came up with two possible meanings for this. First, it's not just the bad demonic supernatural stuff that God is talking's also about Christian marketing of godly supernatural stuff.

I had a dream about four years ago in which God said certain books should be written for free. I get pretty annoyed at the salesmanship I see on Christian programs: "This book will change your life, yadda yadda." And the greed in so many of these ministries...but wow!!!! Have you ever tried to wade through some Christian websites?

There's this lust for "supernatural" power and greed in certain Christian circles. How can God give His people dominion when the first thing we aim for is wealth?
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