Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to prevent another aspect of victimhood

Well, will be spending much of today working on the Tolika chapter. As it is, the chapter doesn't move the plot along, and has a sexual temptation scene that doesn't really work...but I can't figure out what this character is doing. I know she's in the book for a reason. But dang! What is the reason? I really really really feels she needs to be there. And she's too intricately woven into the plot now to remove her if I accidentally put her in for the wrong reason.

There are different kinds of victimizations and reactions to those victimizations. I made Tolika too bitter and too spiteful. Maybe I can make her a pure victim. Haven't really had one of those. Not even Ktwala. In the scene, she comes to Psal to speak to him. I made her come as a bitter scheming fury. Then I'm falling into temptress knee-jerk mode. Which isn't needed.

I'm against the rape, I'm against the principles of the Wheel clan. In fact the hero is against his clan. But what should I have my rape victim do? I'm thinking maybe she will come and ask him to not marry her cousin, Maharai. He's been friendly with Maharai and she sees that.

Psal's a good person but maybe she fears he will harm her cousin. But must figure out what her objections to the marriage will do to the plot. Will it make him fear being with Maharai? Maybe it'll make him avoid Maharai because he feels Maharai will feel the same way, then during that time Netophah gets into the picture.

I just hate anything kneejerk. kneejerk disdain, kneejerk bitterness, kneejerk sentimentality he scene reads quite emptily. feels kneejerk to me. So it's like i can't see what has to happen. To make the scene really resonate with the rest of the themes in the book, yet bring passion and push the plot along or at least add a texture. Maybe I'll get it or it'll come to me. Cause I see her quite clearly coming to him...but lord knows.
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