Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dark Parables: Tests and Veggies

I dreamed I was told that whenever I had a test I should listen to the general conversation around me because God would provide the answers by sprinkling it inside the conversations around me. I also dreamed I made dinner for some guests and was very stressed out that I had totally forgotten to make a veggie salad.

I think these dreams are pretty straight forward. I've lived long enough to see how God works and he is absolutely amazing at slipping stuff into seemingly regular conversations to help us. And I definitely need more raw veggies. I eat cooked ones but...

These seem pretty straightforward so am not sure if they're dark parables. Unless it's one of those verses that are meant to remind me of the verse, "When you are called upon, don't think beforehand about what you're going to say because your father will give you in that hour what you need to say."
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