Sunday, March 01, 2009

My beloved evil main character

Okay, Constant Tower is going to have a character who goes bad. Actually, not so much bad as out of control.

In Wind Follower, Loic is a good kid. Sure he's arrogant but it's spoiled kid arrogant. But Psal -- my sweet lovely Psal-- is angry enough to cause major trouble in his father's kingdom. It's interesting watching him go totally evil and murderous. I'll blame it on hormones. He's a teenager, after all.

But will readers walk with him all the way through his journey? So many folks like stories about good people. Psal, unfortunately, fails miserably to keep to goodness. But he does find redemption: he falls into self-loathing and realizes he has done evil. Will see.

Then there's the prince who's listening to the story. Another kid who is vaguely out of control. I also like this kid. I looove this book. The language is not as beautiful as Wind Follower but it feels technically better in other ways. Not that Wind Follower is a technically bad book but...well, it's different. Will see. First I have to get this book contracted to a publisher, then I've got to finish it. Or viceSend up a nice prayer for me. versa. -C
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