Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The media, pundits and the world's parables

Great pdf you can go to here

Do we really know what keeps us healthy?

If you can't read the entire thing, check out Sue Hughes' summary of the Taubes article: "New York Times Magazine focuses on pitfalls of epidemiological trials," at

Hey, the medical world likes to think it knows the truth of keeping healthy.

But I was looking at two of my fave shows: Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation and Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods. The stuff folks eat! And some of these folks seem to subsist on everything we consider unhealthy, yet they're alive and hale at age 92. There are medical/physical reasons for health. Emotional and psychological reasons too. But I suspect there are also spiritual reasons the medical world could never figure. I remember someone saying, "Everyone thinks the Japanese are healthy because of this and that... (okay I forgot what this and that were exactly) but the Japanese respect their elders. Doesn't the commandment tell us to honor our parents for long life? Hey, who knows? (Yeah, I say silly things on my blog that would make the non-religious roll their eyes. But do I care?) -C
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