Saturday, July 19, 2008

Black in America program on CNN

"Did you know that companies in the US have said they would hire a white man with a felony record and no high school education BEFORE they would hire a black man with NO criminal record and a 4-year degree?"

On July 23 and July 24 at 9pm, CNN will premier a series, 'Black in America with Soledad O'Brien'

The aforementioned statistic and many others will be revealed during the series. Racism is alive and well in America.

Angelia over at Angelia's Ramblings has a great post on her personal reaction to it.

Reading while Black also did a post on Black in America.

And White men who prefer black women also gave a post on it and talks about the controversy of black images

Black Women Blow The Trumpet also has a controversy with the program.

There's also a post on it over at Blogging in black

Okay, I didn't watch the program. Too stressing. Okay, I'm a coward.
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