Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Praise of Pixellated Heroes

So there I was over at The galaxy express and looking at her discussion of antiheroes when I began to ponder my huge crush on some fantastical male characters as well. Okay, my men aren't near as dangerous or morally wobbly as hers, but.... well I do think falling in love with pixels -- especially beautiful feminine pixellated white men-- is a bit on the dangerous side. Emotionally, I'm speaking.

Okay, I know, I know. It's not so bad that I'm in love with a mere creature of air. That's normal for our times. Heck, folks have fallen in love with airy beings (not talking demons specifically but Milton's Lucifer was pretty hot) of print and story for ages. So I'll be cool about falling in love with two pixellated characters. But dang, I KNOW someone's gonna comment on my penchant for white male flesh. I can't help it. I just can't. Oriented that way.

For your hormonal pleasure, here they are: Cloud and Squall. (I'm a little more into Cloud. Reminds me of all my old college boyfriends.) Those of you into Final Fantasy know these guys well. BY THE WAY, IF YOU GET SOME MESSAGE ON THE YOUTUBE SCREEN SAYING "THIS VIDEO IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE" JUST REFRESH THE PAGE THEN CLICK ON THE VIDEO AGAIN. IT'S SOME WIERD BLOGGER QUIRK.

You can also go to the url on youtube:

I also have a crush on a villain too. Seymour Gaudo. Mercifully it seems that in this case there's hope for me. He looks a bit more multicultural.

But there's still my ever-present love for pretty guys. Honestly, I can't help it. Bad childhood emotional history.

Dang, though! If only these guys were Christians. I can't think of a hot animated Christian character. Maybe someone will come up with an animated and way hawt Prince Caspian. And yes, it would be nice if there were some hot anime characters with African features. They use Caucasian features plenty enough. How about tossing in a nice black girl in the next Final Fantasy love story? Or even a nice black couple? Or don't they think such a story would sell? -C
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