Thursday, July 24, 2008

major joy, major confusion

A couple of days ago great delight and joy stumped into the heart of yours truly! Why, you may ask?

Because Vh1 celebreality has brought in some new shows and once again I am seeing hood folks on television.

Okay the first, I must truly need a life because I actually missed "Miss New York" and the joy I felt on seeing her new show "New York Goes to Hollywood" was kinda off-the-hook. A Christian woman with kids and with two books to write should not get that excited about a reality tv show. But I actually grinned as though I was going to see an old friend. I know we get attached to these tv show folks we don't actually know but still.... anyways, I'm wishing her luck.

Then there's this other show called "I love Money" which uses cast-offs from the I LOVE NY, ROCK OF LOVE, and FLAVOR OF LOVE tv shows. I was sooo thrilled to see them. I like all of these people. I had "missed" them. Especially WhiteBoy.

And then there's Queen Bee on The N (formerly Nickelodeon.) It's a show with 18-20 year old mean girls. Talk about deluded arrogant cruel people! Talk about redemption and spiritual enlightenment and sudden self-knowledge!

Then there is another show called "From G's to Gents." Okay, from first look I was like, "Who are all these unimportant not-yet-class-d-would-be-celebrities? Why the heck should I care about these people?" But then I watched two episodes and I was HOOKED!!! Why? Because those guys remind me of folks I've seen in my own hood. That's what I like about VH1 and some of its reality shows (even the ones with celebrities). They celebrate normal life. I'm not one to look at Jerry Springer: too perverse and over the top. Nor am I gonna look at stuff like The Bachelor. I know nobody like those bachelors or bachelorettes. But give me a show like Trading Spouses or Making the Band or Wife Swap. And I am in heaven. I like real people. The show is basically a male version of Charm School with Fontzworth Bentley (Diddy's friend and stylist) attempting to teach hood guys how to behave better. As I said, they're real people.

Okay.... real people... this leads me to my present writing issue. (Did you like that segue?) Well, will post those ruminations later when I've thought about what it is exactly I'm thinking about.
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