Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A shout out to one of my favorite missionary writers

My favorite Missionary writer is Don Richardson and here is his website.

And my favorite missionary book is Eternity in their hearts. That's the book that really helped me write Wind Follower. I've also read Peace Child and Lords of the Earth. Any missionary going to a tribal society should read these books. No ifs, ands or buts.

Here are his books and the blurbs from his site.

28 Case Histories - 1981 - 223p (includes author's postscript). Old Testament Hebrew culture yielded abundant metaphors foreshadowing Jesus. So do Gentile cultures! Starting with the incredible story behind Paul's discovery of that "altar to an unknown God" in Athens, we move to tribes that honored places of refuge and even a "scapeboat" instead of a "scapegoat." Missionary use of such analogies helps awaken response to the Gospel.

Autobiography - 2005 - 256p - 4th Edition. Revised missionary classic, for a new generation, of Don Richardson's gripping account and classic tale of treachery and redemption on the mission field. New epilogue brings readers up to date with the Sawi people of Irian Jaya on the island of New Guinea. Recent media attention focused on this part of the world due to the Asian tsunami. More than 350,000 copies of PEACE CHILD sold, published in 13 languages. See also items 145 and 146 for video and DVD versions.

AUTOBIOGRAPHY - 1981 - 139p. Stan and Ethel Telchin began studying the New Testament intensively. Why? To refute its claims and win their daughter from her new-found Christian faith back to Judaism. Little did they dream what effect their earnest study would have upon them!

BIOGRAPHY - 1977 - 368p - 34 photos. Rugged Aussie Stan Dale aspired to reach an unevangelized New Guinea tribe for Jesus. Fired by the first 2 missions he served under, Stan joined a third and soon found himself in over his head amid a tribe wilder than any he ever imagined -- the Yali! Tribal warfare, strange ritual, martyrdom and sacrifice culminate in an air disaster that leaves a 9-year-old from Oregon stranded at the mercy of the Yali. Can truth really be stranger than fiction? Read and marvel!

BIOGRAPHY - 1985 - 188p - 10 photos. More than 100,000 stone-age people of New Guinea's Dani tribe believed that people die only because mankind lost the gift of immortality at the dawn of time. They also believed the gift of eternal life would one day be offered again. Once offered, it had to be welcomed. What if it came disguised?

AUTOBIOGRAPHY - 1984 - 156p. Born into a prominent Muslim family in Pakistan, Gulshan Esther became partially paralyzed through a childhood disease. Islamic directives to seek healing from Allah failed. Reading in the Koran that Jesus, unlike Mohammed, gave sight to the blind and wholeness to the lame, she began asking Jesus to be her healer. He became that, and more!

AUTOBIOGRAPHY - 1999 - 382p - 25 photos. Hudson and Winsome Southwell taught a dozen warring tribes in Malaysia's Sarawak province to live at peace. Suddenly World War II burst upon their idyllic jungle Eden. Separated 3 years in a Japanese prison, this plucky couple sought to ease the suffering of other prisoners. Even cruel prison guards began to mellow as God's love shone so clearly through the Southwells.

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