Friday, July 11, 2008

Round up of blogs with friends, Christians, or minority doings

Sci Fi Journalist has added a post about the anime Jesus project. Check it out. The creators are looking for feedback.

My ebuddy, Greg Banks, author of Phoenix Tales has an interview over at Fantasy Magazine on disabilities in science fiction

Scifi Catholic did a post on the June Christian science fiction tour for Vanished.

Engaged Spectator did a post on the way the homeless are treated in Vancouver.

Disability Blogger talks about the problems of getting a disability approval for a child from the SSI folks.

Gwyneth Bolton author of urban romance Protect and Serve did a neat Throwback Thursday post with a youtube video of The Temptations Ain't to Proud to Beg -- only the greatest pleading begging love song of all times, in my opinion.

Chicklit Gurl did a post on urban Christian fantasy writer Shana Burton

White Men who love Black Women has a neat post on white men with black children.

Author of urban fiction Terra Little has been giving us excerpts from her great urban book.

For those living in Los Angeles, Krysten Media's blog mentions a play called The Exiles, about Native Americans living in Los Angeles. (It's right below the post about Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days on FX. She says,
Friday, August 15, 2008
UCLA's Billy Wilder Theater, Los Angeles
Kent Mackenzie's Los Angeles film "The Exiles" about the lives of young Native Americans living on downtown's Bunker Hill. **It's very good**

The angry black woman has a neat post on "hipster racism" (Oh, come on! You know what I'm talking about.)

Tananarive Due has a neat inspirational poem about Obama and the 2008 election on her site

This is really an old post but I really loved the idea of the book. Shades of Romance did a blog tour of seeing through the lies women believe.

Mattilda does a very poignant blog on the gay-bashing he received and his mother's reaction to it

Reading While Black has a post on Race and films called The Fallacy of Angelina Jolie. She mentions Disney Princesses. Mercifully a few are cropping up soon. At last.

Biology in Science Fiction does a link round-up of various posts pertaining to science, and art

Not a blog but a great article about life expectancy in the US. We're 42 despite having a supposedly great health system.

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