Monday, February 23, 2009

Curse those sneaky temptations

So there I lay in bed, deciding I'd rise up in defiance of my symptoms. And what do I hear? The daily horoscope! I hate hearing this and I really should change the channel the alarm radio goes to but this station has music I like and reports school weather closings.

But I try not to hear the horoscope. And what does it say -- on a day I'm seriously wondering about money-- "Today is your lucky day. But act quickly!" And what does my mind say? "That means buy a lotto ticket for the noon drawing."

Yep, that was what my mind said...and I was seriously contemplating it. Aaargh. Ah, those little temptations just creep in.

But this reminds me: This is what I aim for in my novels... the little emotions, incidents, temptations, wrong choices on which life turns. Am really loving The Constant Tower. Will see.
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