Saturday, February 07, 2009

not something from nothing

I'm always whining about Christian misinformation, especially the stuff that is glibly tossed about.

Okay, latest whine...and although it seems like a small thing to whinge about, to me it's pretty big. And it's this: NOWHERE but NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that God creates something from nothing. I challenge any Christian to find anything like this in the Bible. So when some Christian comes and tells me "Don't worry, God can make something out of Nothing," I just want to scream.

The Bible tells us that God makes the visible from the invisible. Hebrews 11 He makes large trees from small seeds. Often large physical results from small spiritual seeds. But NEVER ever does he make something out of nothing.

This is an important point because it shows that pretty much folks simply do not believe or understand or work with the spiritual world. Would we really be so perplexed about certain Bible sections if we really understood that God is spirit, God works by and through spirit, God gives spirit. For instance, St Paul said, "we have the mind of Christ." We might say we don't have the mind of Christ. Or we might get all legalistic about showing others that we have the mind of Christ. But all that shows is that we don't get it. Same thing for God has given us authority and power. Same thing for "By his wounds we are healed." Same thing for a husband and wife are one in Christ. We simply don't understand spiritual things.

A seventh day adventist friend said to me once after my mother died, "your mother's dead. I mean, there's nothing left. She's dead." This is a very religious woman, mind you but she doesn't believe the spirit of my mother is in heaven. She believes that when my mother's body died, her spirit went to sleep and is pretty much non-existent. Come on! We are spirit. That is the primary part of us, that is what rules us. It's our spirit that comes first.

Many Christians really don't believe in the demonic, or in speaking to a sickness, or in the power of the Word of God. Why not? They don't understand spirit. But God says His word is living. Jesus said His words are spirit and they are life.

How can we fight the good fight of faith when faith deals with things of the spirit and we don't know what spirit is?
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