Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I love Warriors

Okay, more and more it's getting apparent that I really love warriors. Of course women have always loved warriors. And maybe men love warriors too but never really explored women warriors.

The thing is in real life it's hard to find a warrior -- especially a warrior who fights by the rules. And I suspect the reason so many women love warriors in fantasy books is that honestly sometimes we're not married to a warrior.

My hubby is a sweetie. He's a bit of a warrior because he's still with me I suppose even after all the illnesses. But he's way too laid-back to be a warrior. He's way too stoical to be a warrior. He's too prone to get into a silence than to use songs to battle the foe. A warrior is someone who gets p*ssed about stuff after a while and gets angry. A true kind of anger in which he's angry at the devil, the world, but not the flesh because he knows what's what. But things have to get really bad for my hubby to even get flustered.

I'll admit I get annoyed at this. But the same easy-going kindness that enabled him to endure me and allows me to get away with a whole lotta crap is the same easygoingness that makes him not much of a fight. How do I get this guy to see the difference and to learn to fight the good fight? When one is in a spiritual battle and under spiritual attacks, one wants a true warrior at one's side. Oh, well, back to my literary warriors (I love these boys I've created!) And back to my spiritual warriors (Been listening to some sermons by William Branham.) And in the meantime, am fighting the good fight for the entire family. -C
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