Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dark Parable: Boy-Faced Lion

So there I was awake for the 8th night in a row. Luckily I had an hour or so of sleep.

I dreamed my older son -- who loooooves pets-- brought a lion in the house which had the face of a boy. It was very disturbing to look at this creature, although it was cute and harmless. I didn't know what weird sex act or genetic experiment had created the creature and I didn't want it in the house but my son had such pity for it that he forced it on us. I pitied it too but when I looked at it I was so sorry for what the human part of the creature might be feeling and so fearful and unsure of the lion part of the creature's nature...I just avoided it.

Then older son did something for my hubby and hubby was so proud of older son he said he could have anything he want. And what does older son do? He brings another of these creatures into the house! Much to my distress. But this one was older and bigger.

Something happened and my older got annoyed and threw a knife at either one of the creatures or someone else in the house. The older creature noticed how we reacted to the knife, picked it up, studied it and gently slid its finger along the knife's edge. I could see that it was learning what was harmful and how it could harm with a knife. It gave me the willies to think that it was studying us and learning. What, I thought, will this creature turn out to be?

I walked out of the house to my neighbor's house. Her name is Ruby and she is very sweet, kind, and generous. A real salt of the earth person. She said to me, "Oh, So-and-so died. And I'm taking these potatoes from her house." She had a bag of potatoes in her hand, and behind her in the dark of the house of her dead friend I could see a ton of potatoes.

Heaven knows what this means! I said to hubby. Lion with a boy's face. Wolf in sheep's clothing? Boy-faced lion? bold faced lying? Who knows?
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