Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What We Don't Know

Had a wonderful night two nights ago with the Lord. First the day started yesterday with my friend Jessica and me talking about Christian delusion. Then a blogger talking about Oprah and christian deception. Last night hubby comes to bed and talks about some Christian minister apologeticists who used to debate a moslem cleric and who converted to islam after they spoke to him. This moslem cleric died after being unable to speak for the last ten years of his life.

So we got to talking about Christian deception and how many deceptions there are in the world and that we live in a world where we have to be so careful. I mean... Mary Baker Eddy was sick and invalid. She read her Bible every day. (Good so far) Realized there was power in the word of God (Good so far) Realized there was power in the world of spirit (Good so far.) Got healed. (Good so far.) Then she started saying Matter didn't really exist. (Tumbled over into deception.) In these last days, and throughout history the gospels and Jesus Christ have been attacked through counterfeits because one only attacks the real thing. I mean, why is the name of Jesus used as a curse word when folks don't use Mohammed, Buddha, or Moses as a curse word? Because Jesus is the son of God and the world is at war with God.

So then I told hubby my dream about the words "Come Closer." And as we spoke about the dream, the Lord just entered the room. The holy spirit just totally took over. Even more than he usually does. The first dream is about my two churches. In my dream there was a feast and both churches were there but they wouldn't eat each other's food...only food they were used to. I'm a bit of an ambassadorial type so I always go to places where I'm the only black person or the only Christian or whatever. And said to hubby that I think God is telling me that that is why he wants me at that church to make these two churches come together. But even so, I do have my tendency to be reclusive. (Yeah, i know...counter-phobic personality. I'm a totally nervous person who tends to be shy but I always go to places where I feel isolated cause I'm the only one of my kind there.) I felt the lord was telling me that my tendency to not include myself in certain festivities isn't helping the purppose to which I'm called.

But then the lord showed me what the "Come Closer" portion of the dream means. And He used something happening in my life to show His point. I'm always complaining that older son has this tunnel vision about what he intends to do and I have so much to tell him. For instance, the latest disagreement with older son was about taxes. I said, "I want to show you how to do taxes so that even if you never again do taxes in the future you will understand what is behind it." HE said, "Please just do my taxes." I said, "No." Next thing you know, he took all his records and went off. I said, "IF you get a tax preparer to do it, you'll have to pay them our of your refund. Then if you have a rush to get your money back and ask for a prepayment card, what you're really doing is taking a loan from them on your extended return and giving them additional money." Did child listen to me?

I felt God saying to me, "This is the way it is with you and me. You see what you want, just as your son sees what he wants. You want healing for you and your son, your son wants his money fast for tuition or whatever. But you want to tell him about the world so he can handle the taxes better. I want to tell you about my purpose for your life -- after your son is healed, after you are healed, and about things you don't that the healed life will fall into my plan better. But you are so focused on what you need--and I know you need it, and I will give it to you-- that you don't see the whole picture."

It was totally wonderful. He keeps telling me he has a plan for my life that I don't really comprehend yet but like my son I am trying to use my limited knowledge. Which I shouldn't. As the Bible says, "It is not in man who walks to know his path." We need someone ahead, above. I can't explain how wonderful it all was. I mean, I know God is always with me...but sometimes it feels as if his glory is also present and in super-abundance... my entire body was on fire.

I told him I was open and he could tell me anything and everything because I am like a child, just like my son... I don't know as much about the world or the future as He does. -C
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