Monday, February 09, 2009

The Gay Gospel by Joe Dallas

The Gay Gospel? How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible
By: Joe Dallas
Harvest House Publishers / 2007 / Paperback
252 pages
ISBN: 0736918345
ISBN-13: 9780736918343
Can homosexuality and Christianity co-exist? Joe Dallas experienced firsthand the deception of uniting "Gay" with "Gospel" and in this book sheds light on this prevalent, misleading theology that believes being actively gay and Christian are compatible. In a sensitive approach-balanced, yet very straightforward-Dallas provides the tools to communicate truth to those who have adopted a pro-gay gospel.

In this updated edition of A Strong Delusion, author and counselor Joe Dallas helps readers understand what pro–gay theology is and how to confront it. In a biblical manner, Dallas examines believers’ personal responses and the need for bold love and commitment as they

become familiar with the movement’s background and beliefs
study a clear, scriptural response to each belief
extend Christ’s love to those living the homosexual lifestyle

This resource is an important one for those who have been unsure how to respond to the growing acceptance of homosexuality in the evangelical community. It offers the balance between conviction and compassion and a practical guide to communicating with those who have embraced the pro–gay Christian movement.

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