Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dark parable: working in the field

Dark Parable and interesting dream:

I dreamed my older son had somehow taken the numbers on the phone so I was trying to call my hubby but having trouble remembering where the numbers were. I accidentally got a guy in Hortonshire, a town in upstate NY (I doubt there is such a place, but I got to thinking about Horton hears a who.)

The man seemed to be expecting my call and turned out to be starting a new venture. I said, "well, I'm here. You can use me. I'm a writer." He said, "oh, perfect! perfect!" Next thing you know I'm outside near his place and he's meeting me at the door. He says a Bible verse which I totally don't remember. I look around and I see a large field with heaps of dirt here and slopes and holes there. It's not a plain field and I think it has to be leveled. I see sheep and cows and three large cats/tigerlike animals. The man says to me, "I want you to feed my sheep and my animals." He points to a hose, "And give them water to drink." I look at him and the first thing I think is, well, "I'm a writer and this job is a bit more active. But at least I'll be out of the house getting sunshine etc." But then I see the lions or tigers or whatever they were and all I can think is, "Honestly, they could destroy and kill me. What if I'm not a careful keeper?" I thought, "Well, my son would probably be better at this job than I am. And who knows? This guy's venture might turn out well." But at the end it looked as if I was going to take the job. I think this dream is about working in God's field. It might be that I will feed someone who will become greater than I am, or who will try to destroy me. But I have to work in the field to make the path straight and I must feed the sheep."

Then I dreamed I was at a feast and there was so much food left over. Most of which I really loved but because I'm allergic or because the Bible forbids eating it I couldn't eat. Shrimp on bagels, rich tortes, etc. They were going to toss them away. I so wanted them..so I started squirreling them away inside my bag. Then later I met folks who needed food to eat so I gave them the food.

Then I had yet another of my in the bathroom dreams. This time I'm sitting on the toilet -- yet again-- and a famous evangelist comes in. I'm wearing this very skimpy outfit. It seems I was a prostitute. (Ah, the exciting things one does in one's dreams!) And this minister had come in to use my services. But then he recognized me and he had to pretend he was looking for a sinner so he said, "uh, uh, ah, what are you doing here, Sister Carole?"
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