Sunday, February 15, 2009

God be praised for our teachers

Every once in a while I have to praise the great Christian teachers out there and up there! Am presently reading a collection of works by Simpson, Gordon, and Murray. I sooo love Andrew Murray. His works are up at sermonindex -- thanks to the many noble unsung guys who read the books and turn them into audio files -- and available for download. But since I was kinda incapacitated and stuck in bed yesterday I picked up the book and read. So great for building one's faith!

Thanks also to great teachers such as Emily Dotson, Lester Sumrall, Andrew Wommack. God bless them all.

There are some great places on the internet where you can download some great sermons.
Andrew Wommack's website,
Derek Prince's website
Internet Archive
In The School of Prayer
Keith Gerner's website, Audio Christian
and sermonindex

Plus there are these podcasts and videos online:

Sid Roth has archives of his shows from 2003 up at

Remember, there is nothing in the Bible that says we should pray to God to give us more faith. We can ask him to help our unbelief and he may drop the gift of faith into our hearts for a specific situation but really have to grow our faith. We are told that faith comes by hearing the word of God. Sermons are created to build faith. We hear the word of the lord, we speak the word of the lord and that's how faith comes.
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