Saturday, February 14, 2009

Psal's love song for Maharai

So, am working on the Constant Tower and my main character, Psal, is a studier. He's also on the verge of turning into a villain and I'm kinda struggling with that...but he's so dang bitter ...I'm afraid he could get totally out of control. Anyway, he's also a poet. So he wrote this long song for Maharai, the daughter of one of his enemies.

‘Those to whom I gave much
Have repaid me nothing.
But now life has loaned me Maharai
And none but death can take her love from me.

Those to whom I gave much
Heaped scorn upon me in payment
But now my heart is filled with Maharai
Who daily loads me with praises.’”

Yeah, the guy's got it bad. Now to find a publisher for this great work! ::smirk::
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