Friday, February 06, 2009

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

Here's the Blurb:

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days (Book)
by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
What if what you've been told about the Last Days is wrong?

The mark of the beast. Gog and Magog. 666. A confederation of ten nations. The antichrist's ascendancy to power. The abomination of desolation. Christians have become almost obsessed with trying to unravel the Bible's mysterious prophecies about such things.

Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis brings fresh and extraordinary insight into Bible prophecy. in his brand new book, A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days! Through this book you will gain clear insight into the way Bible prophecies are being fulfilled in our day! You will explore the answers to these questions...

What is the surprising link between Israel, the Jewish people, and the return of the Messiah?
What is meant by "the fullness of the Gentiles?"
Why are "Replacement" and "Dual Covenant" theologies Satan's tools to disrupt the return of Messiah?
Why is Israel's salvation the Key to WORLD Redemption?
How can you fulfill your God-given Calling and Destiny in these "End Times?"
And more!

Most end-time Bible teachers forecast a future of DOOM and GLOOM! But this book declares that God's best is yet to come a time of supernatural healing, deliverance, miracles and Signs and Wonders!

It's also on CD
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